Annox Impulse Lobster Neopreme Voodriga Kindad 3mm


Annox Impulse is a neoprene lobster glove, which is a mix between mittens and regular 5-finger gloves. This type gives a lot of warmth, and also has good flexibility and comfort. These neoprene gloves are available in several thicknesses. The thicker you choose the neoprene glove, the hotter it will be, but flexibility will be best with the thin neoprene gloves.
These neoprene gloves are of very high quality, and therefore the neoprene used is very warm and smooth! This is a big plus for those who want a comfortable neoprene glove for either surfing, kayaking or swimming. Annox Impulse Lobster is a unisex model that can be used by both men, women and children.
The Annox Impulse lobster neoprene glove is also lined with the Annox Ignite Fleece that gives extra warmth to your hands.

The collections are sewn with the high-tech “Blind Stitched”. This provides a very long service life for these neoprene gloves, as well as preventing water from flowing into the seams.

Water Temperature 0° – 8° c
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