Annox Snow Pro Backpack


Specifications and features:

  • Volume: 32 litres
  • Weight: 530 G
  • Compartment for shovel and probe
  • Access to main compartment via the back panel
  • Straps for affixing skis on each side
  • Compatible with hydration system
  • Pocket on the hip belt
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Cross buckle over the chest
  • Adjustable hip belt


With the SNOW PRO 32 backpack, you’re set to take on the mountain, whether it’s on a hiking trip or when you’re ski touring. This backpack is built to handle most anything.

No matter the activity or the level it’s performed at, you have the ability to be prepared. There’s plenty of space with the backpack’s 32 litres, giving you the chance to pack a lunch, water, and various equipment. There is a separate compartment for a hydration system, so you can quickly and easily access water on the go.

Whether you are into hiking or you use the backpack on the slopes, there’s ample opportunity to secure gear to the backpack. On the side of the backpack, there are straps for fastening skis. There are also small loops for attaching climbing or hiking gear.

The shoulder straps and hip belt are made with great comfort in mind. The hip belt is large and wide, which ensures optimal support, so you carry the backpack’s weight correctly. All straps can be adjusted so everything fits perfectly to you and your body.


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