Annox Surfilukk




This 4-digit keypod/key box with carabiner and wire will store your keys safely while you surf. It is water resistant and spacious. The Key box is designed especially with easy installment in mind. As most other traditional surflocks, this key box has a carabiner that can be locked to your tow bar. This is a safe and secure way to store your keys.

Not all cars have a tow bar. If you own a car without, then this Annox surflock is ideal for you as it can be safely secured to either the sprocket of your wheels, the handles or even shocks of your car. The wire is a durable steel-wire with a length of 45cm. You can easily shift between the carabiner and the wire with the quick release.

The key box has a 4-digit combination that can be set to your personal code. The wire and carabiner can only be accessed from the inside.
The box is spacious and can store both your car keys and multiple other keys at the same time.


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