James Baroud Classic Side Awning

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JAMES BAROUD SIDE-AWNING w/ optional side walls for rooftop tents creates additional living space & protection against the elements.

Available in two sizes:

  • 250 cm (width) x 270 cm (length) – weight: 13kg
  • 200 cm (width) x270 cm (length)- weight: 10kg
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The JAMES BAROUD SIDE-AWNING for rooftop tents is a versatile solution for campers who need extra living space and protection against the elements. Here are some of its key features:

  • Tent entry can be installed anytime and the corresponding opening can either be used as a passage without an entry tunnel or closed wind and watertight.
  • The profile on the vehicle side has two continuous C-rails, which makes assembly easy with hexagon screws and 90° angles.
  • Stowing the awning is simple: fold cross members into the aluminum profile and height-adjustable feet into the outer profile. Then, roll up the awning to the profile on the vehicle, and protect it with a PVC tarpaulin cover closed with Velcro.
  • You can create additional living and changing rooms with the optional set of three side walls, which comes with large windows and a door. These side walls are wind and waterproof, thanks to a semicircular profile with a connecting piping rail that attaches to the cross member and headliner.
  • Rounded windows with mosquito nets add a unique touch to the design, and they can be closed opaque if necessary.

Dimensions & weight:

  • 200×270 – weight: 10kg
  • 250×270 – weight: 13kg


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