James Baroud Falcon Awning 270º


The James Baroud Falcon Awning 270º is the pinnacle of awning innovation. Designed to stand independently by a self supporting mechanism, this wraparound “wing”-type awning redefines convenience and protection for outdoor enthusiasts. With an expansive 270-degree coverage, swift setup, and exceptional wind resistance, the Falcon offers a premium solution for those seeking maximum shade and extended living space in any weather condition.


Enveloping you in 270 degrees of shelter from the elements, the Falcon Awning 270º provides an impressive expanse exceeding 10 m² (107 ft²). Crafted from the cutting-edge James Baroud Evolution Fabric, this awning boasts aluminized, UV-blocking, and waterproof qualities. These features not only ensure your comfort by deflecting light and heat, but also provide a reliable water-repellent shield, promising enduring performance that stands the test of time.

Beyond its exceptional shelter, it’s versatile space that can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people for dining or various family activities. Whether you’re sharing meals or engaging in recreational pursuits, the Falcon Awning transforms the outdoors into an expansive living area that caters to your needs. By integrating the Falcon Awning with your James Baroud rooftop tent through the James Baroud Tunnel, it creates the largest covered camping area you’ll find, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in nature without compromising on comfort and convenience.


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