James Baroud Grand Raid X – Must (koos pagasihoidjaga) Kasutatud


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GRAND RAID X – 360º view with luggage carrier.

  • for 2 adults and 2 children
  • mattress size 160 cm x 200 cm
  • open height 100 cm


These are the major elements that have made the James Baroud rooftop tents famous worldwide


Built on the same concept as the Evasion with its horizontal opening and its 360º panoramic view, the James Baroud Grand Raid roof top tent is differentiated by its luggage carrier which can easily carry a load of 25kg. The most spacious tent in the range in the XL version, the James Baroud Grand Raid features speed of installation, optimal comfort, full 360º panoramic view, a solar powered ventilation system for extreme climates and a storage tray with tie down points on top.

It is available in the M size with 140x200cm, X size with 160x200cm and in the XL with 160x224cm.


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