James Baroud Side-Awning Side Walls

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  • Add three side walls with large windows and door to your JAMES BAROUD SIDE-AWNING for extra protection and privacy.
  • Semi-circular profile with a piping rail allows for easy assembly and wind and watertight connection.

Available in two sizes to with both James Baroud Side-Awning dimensions:

  • 200 cm x 270 cm
  • 250 cm x 270 cm
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Looking for extra protection and privacy while camping with your rooftop tent? The JAMES BAROUD SIDE-AWNING is now available with a set of three side walls that have large windows and one door. With this set, you can create additional changing and lounge rooms while keeping yourself protected from the sun or rain.

Here are some key features of the JAMES BAROUD SIDE-AWNING with side walls:

  • A semi-circular profile with a subsequent piping rail is attached to the cross member and headliner and the side wall is pulled into the piping rail. This creates a wind and watertight connection.
  • The front wall is drawn into the piping rail of the front aluminum profile and connected to the side walls with a zip, ensuring complete privacy.
  • The height of the side walls of the side awning is approximately 170-175 cm, providing enough space to stand and move around comfortably.
  • The water barrier seam is approximately 30 cm, ensuring that you stay dry in rainy conditions.
  • The rounded windows are a real eye-catcher and provide a bright and friendly atmosphere inside the awning.
  • The windows are equipped with mosquito nets and can be closed opaque if required, providing you with complete privacy and protection.

The illustrations included with the JAMES BAROUD SIDE-AWNING clearly show how easy it is to install the side panels for the awning that mounts on the side of the vehicle.


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