NKX Caliber 12’2 SUP


  • MUDEL : NKX District Pro 14’0 SUP
  • PIKKUS : 12’2 / 370cm
  • LAIUS : 32″ / 81cm
  • PAKSUS : 6″ / 15cm
  • MAHT : 319L
  • KAAL : 30,8 lbs / 13,9kg
  • SOOVITATAV KAAL : 70-120 kg / 155-265 lbs
  • MAX. KAAL: 350 lbs / 160kg
  • MAX. ÕHUSURVE : 15psi



NKX Caliber is one of the first and perhaps only original double layer “hypalon rubber” SUP boards on the market. With a double skin from NKX Surf, you don’t compromise on performance and quality. NKX Caliber is built with 2 layers of the best rubber on the market – hypalon.


Caliber is the right SUP surfboard for 95% of all SUP surfers – it is used in 0-100 cm waves and is suitable for both beginners and PRO surfers! The board’s performance is in a class of its own! An inflatable SUP surfboard has never been closer to an original bamboo SUP surfboard. When used in waves, you can clearly feel the difference – NKX Caliber gives the feeling of lying deeper and more evenly in the water. It gives a sense of firmness in the board and increased stability.


How many SUP surfers have previously experienced the feeling of lying on top of the water? If the board lies on top of the water, the user will inevitably fall into the water, as the board will lie unsteadily on the water surface. This gives the experience of the board “clapping” / hitting against the water even in small waves, which gives a frustrating experience for the user. This is avoided with an NKX Caliber SUP.


The shape of Caliber is touring shaped. NKX Caliber is a combination of a RACE board and the more well-known all-round round-shaped board. The tip/nose of the SUP board is shaped like a kayak, which ensures smooth glide through the water and the possibility of achieving good speed. The middle of the board is wide, like the more well-known all-round models like NKX Champion – a shape that makes the board very easy to stand on, even in difficult weather conditions. The tail is narrow, which makes the board glide easily through the water and reduces resistance.


Due to the stability of the NKX Caliber board in the water and the width of the board, it is particularly suitable for use with children or dogs. You can easily have 2 smaller children on the board, which gives a fantastic experience and good memories for the whole family.

Material: hypalon rubber is the same type used for top performance RIP boats/sports boats. In the world of sports boats, it is known that hypalon rubber is the absolute best quality and the only rubber that does not become soft over time due to the influence of saltwater and sun




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