NKX District Pro 14’0 SUP


  • MUDEL : NKX District Pro 14’0 SUP
  • PIKKUS : 14’0 / 426cm
  • LAIUS : 29″ / 73cm
  • PAKSUS : 6″ / 15cm
  • MAHT : 335L
  • KAAL : 33 lbs / 14,9kg
  • SOOVITATAV KAAL : 50-130 kg / 110-285 lbs
  • MAX. KAAL: 400 lbs / 180kg
  • MAX. ÕHUSURVE : 15psi



It is a Double Layer Design which means that this SUP is made in two layers. This design makes your SUP more stiff, so you get almost the same experience as a real bamboo SUP. That is, this SUP is much better quality than any Single Layer Designs on the market. That’s why you get a very durable SUP that slides much better in the water.

NKX is known for making good and durable products within skate and water sports. You can only be pleased with a SUP board from NKX! A Race SUP has a design that is long and narrow. The sharp front makes this Race SUP slide easily through the water, and you therefore have easy access at high speed. NKX District 14’0 is the perfect inflatable SUP for long walks in quiet water, or small waves.

The advantage of an inflatable SUP is that you can pack it in a backpack and easily transport it around. If you live in a small apartment, you can still find room for an inflatable SUP. If you inflate your inflatable SUP up to 15 psi, it will slide much better through the water, and therefore it will also be more stable. However, it is not allowed to pump your SUP more than 15 psi!



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