NKX Instinct SUP 10’2


  • MUDEL : NKX Instinct SUP 10’2
  • PIKKUS : 10’2 / 310cm
  • LAIUS : 31″ / 78cm
  • PAKSUS : 4″ / 10cm
  • MAHT : 230L
  • KAAL : 24.7 lbs / 11.2kg
  • SOOVITATAV KAAL : 48-76 kg
  • MAX. KAAL: 265lbs / 120kg
  • MAX. ÕHUSURVE : 15psi

It’s a lightweight design which means this SUP is very light. This design gives you more control over your SUP board when paddling. In addition, it is also convenient to carry it back and forth to the beach that it is not so heavy and you can therefore pack it in the backpack and hang it on your back. NKX is known for making good and durable products within skate and water sports. You can only be pleased with a SUP board from NKX! An allround SUP is wide, which provides excellent stability when paddling in waves and wind. An allround SUP board is easy to learn to surf.

The advantage of an inflatable SUP is that you can pack it in a backpack and easily transport it around. If you live in a small apartment, you can still find room for an inflatable SUP. If you inflate your inflatable SUP up to 15 psi, it will slide much better through the water, and therefore it will also be more stable. However, it is not allowed to pump your SUP more than 15 psi!



Story Monarch is an impressive quality SUP, which is suitable for a bit of everything and has everything you need to be able to have lots of fun hours on the water. The SUP board Story Monarch is incredibly stable and rigid, with high volume, which allows the whole family to enjoy it.
A perfect all-round SUP for the whole family or for beginners and easily experienced riders.

With Story Monarch, you get it all. There is both a paddle, pump, fins, bag, leash and a smart repair kit. In addition, you can be sure of the high quality of this SUP board, as the board is CE-marked within the applicable laws.
As some nice features for the design of this SUP board, we can mention, among other things, the non-slip deck pad, which with its EVA Diamond Grip provides a superb grip for you to stand on. Besides that, it can also be mentioned that due to the simple Single Skin construction with Double Rail. You get an incredibly lightweight SUP board, which is nice and easy to carry in your bag and inflated with the pump.
Finally, it can be described that the Story Monarch SUP board uses a Single chamber. What this means for you is that you just need to pump your SUP up from a valve, and that the board gets a more uniform pressure. This provides a super durable SUP board for many years of use.

All in all, a delicious all-round SUP for anyone who wants to go out on the water and paddle for several hours of fun and games or around a trip in the canals.




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