NKX Windsurf SUP 10’6


  • MUDEL : NKX Windsurf SUP 10’6
  • PIKKUS : 10’6 / 320cm
  • LAIUS : 28,5″ / 73cm
  • PAKSUS : 6″ / 15cm
  • MAHT : 287L
  • KAAL : 32 lbs / 14,5kg
  • SOOVITATAV KAAL : 70-120 kg / 155-265 lbs
  • MAX. KAAL: 375 lbs / 170kg
  • MAX. ÕHUSURVE : 15psi



The NKX Windsurf SUP is a fantastic all inclusive allround SUP build from the NKX Champion, which gives you one of the best all-round SUPs on the market. NKX Windsurf has an added option of windsurfing, though you need a sail. The SUP is perfect for flat water or smaller waves. It also offers smooth out rocker and a stable and extra wide platform so all kinds of riders can feel comfortable on this SUP. The board features a good balance of length and width proportion to ensure a comfortable ride no matter what the water conditions are. The 6mm sturdy footpad ensure you have plenty of grip while the amazing double layer construction increases the board’s stiffness and rigidity, which keeps the board performing at a super high standard all the time. The NKX Windsurf SUP makes you both look and feel good.

The whole windsurfing element of this SUP is made possible due to the boards incredible stiffness that is due the double layer construction. When you windsurf, you know the importance of having a board that can handle both the speed and hard hits, that come with the sport. This SUP has that stiffness! It has the previously mentioned double layer construction and an enhanced rail on the sides as well.



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