Story Elite SUP 14’0


  • MUDEL : Story Elite SUP 14’0
  • PIKKUS : 14’0 / 426cm
  • LAIUS : 25,2″ / 64cm
  • PAKSUS : 6″ / 15cm
  • MAHT : 335L
  • KAAL : 23.15 lbs / 10,5kg
  • SOOVITATAV KAAL : 50-110 kg / 110-240 lbs
  • MAX. KAAL: 310 lbs / 140kg
  • MAX. ÕHUSURVE : 15psi


This is a complete race starter package with EVERYTHING you need to get started. Story Elite is an inflatable race Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board that is developed for speed! It is suitable for intermediate level paddlers and beginners with improved balance. The board is lighter than most SUPs and can be easily carried on your back. The SUP board is long and narrow and can be paddled with great speeds. Race SUPs like this one, are great for longer tours and training purposes but can be used for fun and games with the family. The full potential of this race board is achieved on flat waters in the sea, lakes, or great livers.

In this complete SUP-package you get SUP board, fin, paddle, leash, pump, and a spacious bag.

Race SUPs are long and narrow boards with pointy noses. The shape is necessary for achieving high speeds and low water resistance. With a width of just 25” (64 cm) and a pointed nose, the Story Elite cuts through the water with ease and elegance. The length of 14 feet improves directional stability and with the double rail construction, the stiffness is further increased, thus a responsive board is achieved.

Story Elite is built with Speed, strength, and stiffness in focus. The board is constructed with double PVC-plastic rails (sides). The structure of the sides consists of firstly, a mandatory inner PVC layer that seals the top and bottom of the board; soundondly, a wider outer layer that strengthens the seal and stiffens the construction. The sides of double railed SUPs like this can therefore withstand much more scratches and beatings without puncturing. Moreover, the board holds pressure much better than regular SUPs (often up to several months, when stored at a constant temperature and in the shade). Safety on the water is high and the risk of puncture is low. A towing device in the front is attached in case of emergencies.

With the reinforced sidewall (rail) construction, Story Elite can hold incredibly high pressures. We recommend that you pump your SUP to the upper limit to achieve maximum stiffness and unlock the full SUP experience – it is at extreme pressures the board shows its full potential. Do not be afraid to pump your SUP too much – it can handle much more than you could ever imagine.

The fin of Story Elite is a real SUP-fin. The fin is relatively deep and directional with more rake (backwards angle) to smooth turns. The fin is placed centrally and without speed reducing side fins. Story Elite has a regular US-fin box in which you can move the fin forwards and backwards to adjust the responsiveness of the board. You also have the ability to change to another fin of your choice.

This SUP package includes a three-piece aluminum paddle with a slight offset that gives an effective angle of attack in the water. The blade is hard plastic. The paddle can easily be disassembled and stored in the bag or car. The paddle can be adjusted in height with a quick release. In the package you will also find a safety-leash that keeps you close to the board in case you fall in. The pump is an effective double action pump that blows air both when pulling and pushing the handle. All the above-mentioned gear can be stored and carried along in the spacious bag that is also included.


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