Annox Adventure Lightweight Sports Backpack black


Annox Adventure Sports Backpack

The Annox adventure sports backpack is crafted in a lightweight and sleek design. It’s perfect for daily use, as well as for shorter weekend trips or longer travels. The backpack features two adjustable straps with click buckles at the chest and hip, ensuring both functionality and comfort. The wide hip strap makes it especially comfortable to wear, distributing the backpack’s weight on the hips and reducing strain on the neck and shoulders.

The Annox Sports Backpack is a versatile bag suitable for all kinds of sports activities, including hiking, skiing, water sports, or simply as a regular day-to-day backpack.

This backpack offers 4 zippered compartments. The main compartment is 22 L and includes a wide zipper that extends down the sides for easy access. There’s also a smaller zippered compartment perfect for laptops, featuring additional pockets for easy organization of phones and other small items. The wide hip belt comes with a compact zippered pocket, ideal for storing keys, a GPS, or similar essentials. Additionally, the Annox sports backpack includes a lower strap for securing items like a bike helmet or other gear during your adventures.

Designed to be water-repellent, the Annox Sports Backpack also boasts a well-designed carrying system for maximum comfort. Apart from the adjustable shoulder straps, it also has side straps to regulate the volume, a handy feature for running or hiking trips. These straps can also be used to secure items like a sweater or rain jacket externally.




  • Adjustable shoulder strap with click buckle
  • Adjustable hip strap with pocket and click buckle
  • 4 zipper compartments
  • Side adjustment straps
  • 22 L capacity, 48.5 cm height, 23 cm width
  • Water-repellent


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