Annox Nordic Kuivülikond


The Annox Nordic dry suit is for both men and women who love water and water sports. It is a dry suit of the absolute highest quality and is especially suitable for anyone who practices SUP or kayaking.

The dry suit is made of 3 layers of 75D polyester. This material is flexible and incredibly durable. It also provides optimal warmth and high comfort for several hours of use. In addition, with features such as 20K W / P and 6K MVP, high waterproofness and good breathability are provided for the dry suit. This makes the dry suit even more comfortable to wear, and also prevents moisture.
The zipper is at the back along the back from arm to arm. This is smart in terms of mobility, and to keep the water out. And at the same time also makes it easy to get the Annox Nordic dry suit on and off. In addition, the seams of the zipper are also covered with waterproof tape, for extra protection from penetrating water.
The neck cuff is made of two materials. On the outer part it consists of soft and flexible neoprene. While the inside is made of rubber. For the wrist cuffs, the material is soft neoprene, these can be tightened for a better fit around your wrists. The cuffs of the feet are made of fabric. This provides comfort and good warmth for your feet.
At the chest there is a single pocket for use with small equipment or various other small things you should need to take with you on your water trips.

Annox Nordic is the right choice of dry suit if you love water sports such as SUP and kayaking – or even kitesurfing and windsurfing.

The sizes for the Annox Nordic drysuit are small in size, so it is recommended to choose a size larger than your usual size.

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