Annox Union Round Toe Jalatsid-krõpsuga 3mm


Annox Union Round Toe 3mm neoprene shoes are a great choice that are specially designed to protect the feet from the cold temperatures in the water. The shoe has a thickness of 3 mm and is recommended for water temperatures between 14°C – 23°C.

This neoprene shoe is made of 87% nylon and 13% elastane, which makes it incredibly durable and flexible. The material is also very stretchy, which makes the shoe very comfortable to wear while also keeping your feet warm.

Annox Union Round Toe 3mm neoprene shoes feature a joining technology called GBS (glued and blind sewn). This means that the shoe is glued and sewn, which makes it incredibly strong and durable. This joining technology also ensures that no unwanted water enters the shoe, which keeps your feet warm.

This neoprene shoe also has a round toe that is very comfortable to wear and ensures that your toes are not bruised. This shoe is perfect for those who want to protect their feet from the cold temperatures in the water and at the same time have a comfortable and durable neoprene shoe.

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