NKX Nemesis Pro Foil Board 4’11


  • MUDEL : NKX Nemesis Pro Foil Board 4’11
  • PIKKUS : 4’11 / 150cm
  • LAIUS : 29.5″ / 60cm
  • PAKSUS : 3,9″ / 10cm
  • MAHT : 70L
  • KAAL : 14lbs / 6,4kg
  • MAX. ÕHUSURVE : 15psi



This inflatable foil board has almost the same performance as a hardboard, without the disadvantages of hardboarding. It is the result of a very large development that combines the best of high-end materials and inflatable technology. The NKX is made with our double-layer dropstitch technology, which provides the right shape and volume. Combined with our carbon plate, which is carefully fixed under this structure, you get an innovative and revolutionary design with 2 boards in one.

Tested by our own riders in all conditions, the NKX Nemesis has never shown the slightest weakness, whether in strong winds, difficult conditions or light winds. The NKX Nemesis goes even further and reinforces its resemblance to our selection of hardboards by incorporating a front V-shaped strap in addition to its rear foot strap. The NKX Nemesis thus offers you the opportunity to perform tricks from a rigid board with all the advantages of an inflatable board.

NKX has revolutionized the world of foil boards with the Nemesis. Our carbon foil has very specific properties that give it this efficiency. At NKX, we have been working to develop an effective initiation program. A feature that most manufacturers neglect and only offer vague imitations at ridiculously priced prices.

The benefits are countless

– User-friendly, on land, but also in the water.
– Easy to transport – Solid, as the inflatable construction is
resistant to shock and wear – Safety if you fall
off the board
– 95% same performance as a hardboard


The shape of the NKX Nemesis is versatile, it can be used for surffoil, SUP foil, wing foil and kite foil. This compact shape provides a large volume for any size. The rather flat rocker is ideal for reinforcing the starting phase. We love its unique glide, which is specific to inflatable boards. The round rails and thick tail of the NKX Nemesis increase gliding before takeoff. You can descend at least as easily as on a solid board.


The NKX Nemesis comes with an ICS carbon plate to attach the film. The carrying handle in the carbon plate placed on the hull is equipped with good comfort and makes it easy to carry over short distances. It does not affect the rigidity and strength of this plate.
For better performance, NKX has developed a V-shaped foot strap design. It allows you to center your stand on the board, thereby achieving greater comfort and better performance. The NKX Nemesis is also equipped with a foot stopper at the rear, providing everything you need to progress and develop in freestyle.


The large-diameter ring is the strongest on the market. The decisive factor is whether you use Nemesis for wing foil, surf foil or SUP foil.

The 5 mm thick 3D Double Diamond Pad is specially designed for comfort and efficiency. Together with the foot straps, the grip is impeccable and allows for long sessions. The included double-action inflation pump is incredibly efficient and you get out on the water before the others!

A repair kit is also included in case the accident should happen (note that the kit comes without glue, which you can easily find at your hardware store – plastic or PVC glue can be used). Note that we have the parts for your board in stock to repair it easily.

Everything comes in a super practical and solid bag.

• The handles are super strong and comfortable.
• The backpack straps are padded with foam and comfortable.
• The large front pocket allows you to store your accessories and personal belongings.
• And with the compression straps, you can compress the board so that it takes up as little space as possible Nothing is missing!


With its top-notch technology in inflatable design, this board with its two-layer drop-stitch design is a beautiful, lightweight, very stiff, solid and versatile board. What we are sure will last for years and what we can vouch for. NKX is a serious and well-known brand with the concept of an inflatable foil board connected to a carbon plate. An invention that revolutionized the foil world. NKX is made in the best factories and is clearly the best with its incredibly high quality! But still available at fair prices. It is a versatile product that can be used in several disciplines, such as:


This is the perfect board to get started with and develop. There is a large volume, so you can use smaller boards. We have developed two larger boards 6’5 and 7’5 with an “ADS” fin box in front of the forefoot so you can surf on the water without going into the wind. This fin combined with your foil gives you a better way to sail downwind without flying. The small sizes offer the highest level of performance in inflatable boards. They’re incredibly efficient, to the point that it’s hard to tell the difference in performance – compared to a hardboard.

SUP Foil

With SUP foiling, you can find the one that suits you with all these sizes. It’s easy to get started and get started and keep going. If physics allows, you can surf 4-5 meter waves during a take-off with the help of the very precise control thanks to our carbon plate.


When it comes to surf foiling, it’s the small sizes that work well. Especially the little ones have a good performance for surf foil. It can be difficult to tell the difference between fixed and inflatable boards. In the case of very sharp turns or other sharp movements, you will be able to feel a small difference. But jump over the water and do cool tricks. Won’t be a challenge! Only strapless.


It’s the same with the Kite Foil, the small sizes give you an ideal compromise between comfort and performance.


In Wake Foil, the NKX Nemesis is brilliant. It is clearly the best board as it is easy to handle and does not damage the boat or passengers. The board feels flawless on the water as it feels so much like a hardboard.




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