Wild Land Voyager PRO 250

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  • Hard shell on both bottom and top when fold it down. Small wind resistance and low noise when mounting it on the car roof
  • Spacious inner space for 4-5 persons, ideal for family camping – 360°panorama view
  • Suitable for any 4×4 vehicle
  • Easy set up and fold down the 4×4 camping roof top tents by simple steps
  • Neat aluminum Hard Shell pack, can bear 70kgs cargo on top
  • 5cm high-density mattress provides comfortable sleep experience
  • Large eave for good rain protection
  • Outer fly with full dull silver coating and UPF50+ provide excellent protection
  • Two big shoe pockets on both sides of front door for more storage
  • Telescopic aluminum alloy ladder included and endures 150kg
  • Size 1 come with 2 extra adjustable aluminum supporting poles to keep the roof tent more stable

Available in three sizes 140, 160 and 230.


Voyager PROroof top tent:

Dimensions when unfolded: 140: 230x132x110 cm

160: 230x160x120 cm

230: 230x200x120 cm

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Voyager PRO


Aluminum hard shell roof top tent Voyager PRO version was  designed for traveling all year round , regardless of the weather.


Full tropics and 3-layer windows  ensure comfort of use during strong winds, heavy rain and even snow. The flysheet is made of patented  WL-tech material with a PU water resistance even to 12,000 mm , it also has high breathability parameters and is resistant to damage and deformation. Additionally, it ensures darkness inside the tent , so that we can sleep even when the sun rises before five in the morning.


Like all of our tents, Voyager PRO is extremely easy to use on a daily basis, it unfolds and folds in less than a minute, in a few simple movements . There are no additional pegs or window covers that need to be installed and dismantled each time.


Despite the large sleeping area (depends from chosen size), the tent is light and when folded it is only 29 cm high , less than a roof box! It will work perfectly not only on large SUVs, but also on typical family station wagons and regular cars


Inside the tent we have panoramic windows providing unforgettable views from all sides . Mosquito nets on the windows and at the entrance to the tent protect against insects. Inside you will find pockets of various sizes  for handy items and LED lighting in the form of a flexible strip with a USB output.


The tent floor is full. The mattress is 5 cm thick, comfortable and, what is important , non-separable, so it does not “fall apart” at the joint while sleeping or children playing in the tent. The cover is made of a material that is pleasant to the touch.


Appropriate air circulation is ensured in the tent, additional ventilation holes prevent steam condensation even in the event of large temperature differences. An element that also affects the breathability of the tent and increases thermal comfort is the upper part of the tent made of insulated material. Thanks to this solution, the tent does not heat up excessively on hot days and does not cool down so quickly at lower temperatures . A smaller temperature difference means less condensation.


The tent comes with a black aluminum telescopic ladder. The ladder is removable and after folding the tent, we can put it inside the tent or in the car.


Each tent element is fully removable. After the season, you can wash the mattress cover or impregnate the material. Even if the 2-year warranty period expires, you can count on post-warranty service, because we usually have every part of the tent immediately available.


Additional accessories are available for the tent likecar awningor annex.



140: 230x132x110 cm, 160: 230x160x120 cm, 230: 230x200x120 cm


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